Taking a break from TT

I will be taking a break from TT for a while. I need an attitude adjustment. I am posting everywhere and I feel like I am forcing *mike68* and his opinions on people. I need to put some things in perspective. The post where I bashed DRZorro was uncalled for, sorry Z. I have changed recently and I find myself getting annoyed over the dummest things. I feel it may have something to do with TT, I don't know why, just a guess. It's not the people, you guys are great. I am consumed in TT and I need a break. I don't know how Bryan does it. I am just a member and I need a break. I can't imagine running this site. Anyways, before I turn into a real prick and piss everyone off, I am taking a break from TT and going to focus on life a little more. Riding, wakeboarding, time with the dogs and maybe even get some work done. I want to make sure Bill isn't dealing with a Grump when he comes to visit me and ride NH in July as well. Enjoy your riding, do lots of it and I will return sometime. (aren't you lucky :) ). Probably after my VACATION in August. I hope I can break the chains and stay away for a bit.

Peace, roost on, see ya soon,


That's right you'd better chill out before I get there. So I won't have to roost all over you :D If I did, I'd probably crash :), riding over my head, trying to get in front of you :D

Good luck, I've tried to stay away but, Jones'd pretty hard.



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Are you going to take a break?

Yeah, I think I am going to slow things down a bit and stop trying to squeeze so much stuff in every week. This week I was doing something every night and have stuff planned for tonight, work tomorrow, James Taylor concert Sat night, to maine and back sunday and back to work monday. Need to slow everthing down and take some time to my self..

Mike,do whatever you feel you need to do. If it's any consolation,I don't think that you really damaged anybody's feelings.I for one hold your opinions in the highest regard and will miss your input on the varied topics here on T.T.Enjoy your break,I will be watching for your return.Peace Brother.PZ.

Bummer! I always look forward to your sarcastic wit!

- Sean

Take care of yourself man, I dig yoga and Tie Chi, and a hot tub is a very wise investment. I got a portable one that sets up in like 20 mins, no plumbing, 110 VAC plug in for about 1K ,and it is one of the best things I have ever gotten besides my water bed and WR. Good luck brother :) .

Yes Grasshopper, Has anyone spoken of the benefits of a vintage red wine? Take a couple of days, things will fall back into perspective. Enjoy.....ride hard

Take care dude...see ya when you return....James Taylor...man, isn't that kind of extreme ?



Take a break man, it's summer, relax and have a couple brews. :) Please do come back once your ready. I was just thinking last week how many posts you've made, I mean there everywhere, to each his own though. Just be carefull this forum can get like a drug, I mean I find myself checking TT before I go to work and then again when I get there. Like alot happened in 30 minutes that early in the morning. I try to refrain from jumping on the fresh kill so-to-speak. I did like your coming to Bryans defense

albeit unsolicited though. Too many people have no idea how much work system admin can be. Just be cool and above all tactfull. This forum is unique in that it is intellectual and edgey at the same time. Guys poke fun alot but we are all (well mostly) men enough to take it. Hope to see you back soon



'00 WR 400

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Mike, you are crusty for your age. :) But, don't stay away too long. I think you need a little R&R in Moab. How about November? It's too far for me to try and come back there and kick your ass. What do you say we meet half way? Anyway, take care, Paul.

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