Pro circuit T-4 Exhaust

I have 93 XR600, stock, ex for the supertrap, my bud's keep telling me to ditch the supertrap and go with the Pro Circuit T-4 Exhaust, They have XR 400's, and they said it was like removing a sock from the pipe, when they installed theres.

So if you run the T-4 or have any input that would be great. :)

I looked at several pipes before buying the T4.The T4 is a bit smaller in diameter than most of the other pipes and going by the magazines it was quieter than the Big Gun or the White Brothers E series.It can also be tuned with two additional endcaps and even a quiet core.It comes with the 1 3/4in endcap and I bought the 1 1/2in endcap to bring the noise down a bit.I couldn't tell if the power output had changed any between these two caps but the volume was brought to an exceptable level to me and it is much quieter than a stock 426.You could go the opposite direction and put a 2 inch cap on it but that would be far to loud for me even if it did increase the power at all.My XR400 runs far better with this pipe compared to stock or compared to the XR's only Supertrap style pipe.Bottom and midrange was hugely increased and the topend even increased a bit.The bike sounds a lot better also.The price was also 50 bucks cheaper than either the WBros or Big Gun.The fit of this pipe on the stock header was perfect and doesn't require a clamp.It doesn't rattle or leak at the connection either.I really can't find anything wrong with this pipe and the price sealed the deal.

I will tell you later this week or early next.

I have a FMS supercrapp pipe on the bike now that I finally broke the mounts off of. Bad design to have a 4" pipe back there with 120/100 rubber.

I just ordered the T4 saturday and should be here Friday.

well I would love to tell you the sound of the T4, but the pipe is the same size diameter as the headpipe. So it will NOT mount. Bum deal!

The pipe is super light! i would be suprised if it pushed 3 pounds total. The box to ship it was 5 pounds total. The spacer they make for the fender mount is top quality as is the rest of the pipe. Looks like a super nice unit!

Matt96xr6, Sorry to here that, what's the fix for the pipe size. Also went down to get mine, but just couldn't do it, I don't know if the 275.00 is worth it, over the supercrap. :)

I would have to cut and weld the SS either on the header or pipe. I am sure PC has another pipe that would fit right.

I can tell you this much, the PC is 10x looking in quality than the SC. Also about 1/3 of the weight! I was looking forward to the new pipe, but I guess I will just save the money to put into a newer bike.

Matt, if you need a Supertrapp just to hold you over on that thing I will sell mine cheap. I am only 15 minutes from Portland if you are interested.

Hey Matt96,

I know this is off topic but how do you like the Edelbrock carb.Almost everything I have read is good.

Thanks for the reply. I have some plumbers tape to mount the SC on the bike and it is working better than the stock mount. Thanks for the offer

The Edelbrock carb is really nice. easy to adjust and all. it is not the pumper carb, just the stock quicksilver. I also have a cam in the bike so it runs really well. At least like the stocker should have. No hesitation, bog or cough and die symptoms. It idles great! You can even put the bike on its side and it will idle great. Hot start is one kick. Cold is a bit tricky with the enricher, but not bad. I would recommend it highly if you have carb issues.


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