First REAL ride on the 87 xr600

I finally had a chance to put a little seat time on my 87 xr600. I went up to vintage days up in northern michigan and put about 75 miles on the old gal. First impression was it was hard to start and boy am I out of shape. Second impression was a big smile that lasted the whole day. :cry:. I generally was in 2 and a few times 1st gear most of the trail with a 13/48 sprocket set up. the trail was generally soft and sandy which my bald hard terrain tires did not care for. Im 5'11" and about 250lbs so I found that in the future I will most definately need a heavier than stock spring. I experienced the famous dead spot coming off idle transition. Annoying but understanding what is happening made it OK. I had an opportunity to let her breathe a few times with some sand and long stretches of gravel road and I must say she pulls well and linear. :cry: :cry:. I wished she stopped as good as she accelerates, but I think that will improve with new rubber. All in all a little intimidating at first but I soon realized I was in capable hands and tried not to drive the bike so much and let the bike do what it was designed to do. Im looking forward to a few more rides before the snow flies.

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