94 XR600 Question

A buddy just picked up a 94 XR600 with late model inverted type forks. The suspension is very plush. The Bike was set up for Dual Sport with a tall front sprocket. Im not sure what the rear sprocket is, but the bike lacks the snap needed to climb some good hills in second gear. Any one know what stock XR 600 front/rear sprocket sizes are. also the bike pops, sputters and farts a lot. Could this be a jetting problem? The Bike is ridden from sea level to about 4000 feet mostly.



The stock front/rear gearing should be 14/48. I change out the front from a 13 to a 15 depending on the ride.

I experienced some of the popping that you described. I'm no expert but first I would pull that plug and see if it is running too lean (it sounds like it but you didn't give enough info to tell for sure) I just put in a 70 pilot/170 main and they woke my bike up. Those jets may seem pretty big but I was running a 68/165 before and it ran lean then. I do have some other mods done to the bike as well that may have influenced so who knows??? Experiment with the jetting but keep an eye on that plug. There are also other threads here that discuss questions your buddy may have on jetting and gearing.

Good Luck :)

I agree with XRrider, it is a 14/48 stock, and I run the same jetting 70/170, and it did the same on my bike, it never would wheelie in 4th, but with the 70/170 it wheelies in 4th all day. I to ran the 68/165 but it runs better with the 70/170.

It's alittle fat on the bottom, but the performance is worth it. :)

13/48 or 14/45 I wanted to keep the case saver so I couldn't run the 15/48.

Jetting - I ran 68/160 with the White bros pipe and 68/160 with the needle up one for the FMF. I also ran 94+ octang that was the key.

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