I just started racing motocross this year and have accumulated a lot of trophies and have no clue what to do with them. I would like to set something up in the garage. Does anybody have any ideas or pictures of where you put your trophies?

Move up to a money class put the trophy's in a box or just keep the nicest and best ones out for display. I have plaque hanging on my wall in my office.

If you want to make a kid VERY happy, give them away to the little ones at the track after you win them. A fellow vet rider once gave his 1st place trophy to my 6 year old son, you should have seen the excitement and joy on his face, Priceless! My son had made a comment about how cool his trophy was, the guy then handed it him and said "here you go, it’s yours now". Now how COOL is that! :cry::cry:

"You should keep all of your trophies....that way your kids will have something to remember you by as they drive to the dump"

......Jody Weisel

move up a class sandbagger.

Sounds like a great idea :cry: move up sandbagger :cry:

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