Made my own DHH headlight tonight, works great!

Made the trip to Home depot for some of those replacement Halogen round 2" lights. one 35w flood and one 35W spot. Also some connectors, 2 $.99 flash lights and a plastic garbage can to use from a backing. Cost was $30 all together. Then I took off the stock XR650 headlight from the shell and cut it to fit. Used a speaker installation clip and a bit of silicone on the top.


You can also see the SRC brace with the black plastic, Xr400 fender there and the UFO handgaurds with turn signals.

Here is the back:


It works a lot better than a single light. I may swap out to dual flood lights later and see how that works on the tight trails. May look a bit homemade, but works great!

hey, looks good. Looking a little bit homemade is better than looking at a lighter wallet. Did you use the $.99 flashlights as guards for the bulbs? I bought my replacement bulbs from Baja Design for $17 bucks ea. before I saw them same things at Home Depot for $9. I'm still looking to get a little more protection for them though.

not really on the flash lights. They are about 1 7/8" ID while the lights are 2" OD. So what I did it cut them in half so they opened up and used the threads to hold the lights in. Then drilled a 2" hole in the plastic there and shoved the whole thing in with a zip tie on the back. It is pretty sturdy suprisingly for how put together it is. I may get a headlight shield in wire or clear plastic at work today and put that out front, but I dont know if I will need that.

Those are the $9 bulbs also. 20* spot and 40* flood is the only difference.


That's a great homemade trail light that you fashioned up. Your pictures are excellent.

I may give this a try myself. Did you find any 50W halogen 2" round lights when you were looking at Home Depot?



They had 1.5" 20W units, then the 2" 35w or 50w units there. They also had 3 packs of the 50w units on the shelf.

The units I got tax the stock stator with the rear brake light using a 1157 bulb. I am going to try a LED unit to see if that helps any.

Also those bulbs have a 3 year guaranty! haha! Imagine the possibilities there!


I rewound the XR650R stator myself using the instructions provided by Eric Foster.

Works great and now I am looking for an inexpensive high power headlight setup. I like to tinker and will definitively take advantage of your DHH effort using 50W halogen bulbs.


Nice job Matt!

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