What to look for in a used XR600

I am looking for a mid to late 90's XR600, and was wondering if you all could clue me in to what to look for...any inherent problems I should be aware of? Was there many changes between the years of 96-00?

Any hard starting issues?

Any info would be of a great help.

There is a slight revision in the 96+ model years from the previous 90-95s. Something with the case or so. I have seen the drawings for the motors side by side. Also the headstem bearings are different every few years it seems. I know the 97 is different than a 96.

Other than that, the 90+ units get the cartridge forks and rear disc. Big bonus on these bikes. Check the frame for any cracks. Remove the air box and inspect the choke butterfly for cracks. If you can drain the oil and change the filter to see the condition of the motor. Other than that, ride it and most people with enough experience can tell a good bike from a bad one. THings like it will not idle, coughs a LOT, backfires, etc.

As long as the valves have been adjusted with regular oil changes, the Xr600s are tough bikes. They are actually pretty hard to come by. not a lot of people sell them. I waited 2 years looking for one until I found one that I liked a lot. I was not in a hurry to get one, so I kind of waited for something in my pricerange also.

Just be sure that the first mod you do to the bike is rejet it if it is not already and get a Fork brace.

Be extremely wary of ticks or any other knocks in the motor. Seems the valve train is the first to go on a mistreated XR motor. I'm starting to see quite a few XR600s advertised in the cycle trader here in Oregon.

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Hey Matt96XR6,

I have one for you since you seem to be pretty sharp on XRs here. I just rejetted my 96 XR 600 to a 70/170 and have not started it yet. I have both the stock tailpipe with a Hot Tip and a WB E series that I found works best with 10 disks. I am going back to the stock pipe because lets face it the WB is pretty loud. Do you think I may be over jetted now (with the stock exhaust)and also how many turns out on the air screw would be reasonable? I have it at two turns right now. I am also running a 48 rear and a 13/14/15 front depending on the type of riding conditions expected. Also my air filter is a K&N.

Thanks in advance as usual.

Mike :)

I would try what you have. You may have to jet down to like a 68/165 setup.

The 97 - 98 XR600 is best because they came with a 40mm carb before the Ca smog req in 99.

Listen for transmission chatter under load. Look for frame cracks around the engine mounts and under the seat.

Take off the seat and look for cracks on top of frame and around gussets, also look at steering stops for bending which would indicate a heavy wipe out or "ghost rider".

More importantly question the owner!!!!

How many enduro's did you race.

Service history/ oil changes any problems

Ride It !!

The choke plate is a $40 item???

If a chunk of it is gone it went through the motor.That would be one to stay away from.

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