countershafts damaged by "tough" sprockets ??

I'm about to order a Sidewinder sprocket/chain kit, but have heard rumors, that using a high-quality hardened front sprocket will damage the output shaft splines.... any advice here ?....can I go with their tool steel or tougher sprocket, or should I stay with a cheap OEM piece ?

The OEM sprockets (Sun Star) are a good inexpensive choice and they'll last longer than the fancier more expensive aluminum sprockets. I'm not a fan of Sidewinder. I don't care for their high pressure sales pitch and I feel their sprockets are over priced. Rocky Mountain ATV sells their Titax branded sprockets in both stainless steel & chromoly at great prices and they last a long time too. They also sell chains at very good prices too. The Ironman sprockets are also an excellent choice and while they're more expensive than many sprockets, they're significantly cheaper than Sidewinder and they come with a 1 year warranty and have a very good reputation. I haven't heard of any of the Sun Star, Titax or Ironman sprockets damaging the output shaft splines, but do your research. Here's some links for the Ironman sprockets if you want to check them out.

I know from experience.

I had been running the Renthal hardened steel sprockets and the result was a worn countershaft $$$$$. I will only run the oem or as qadsan stated Sun Star. The final cost of the sprocket damage was $600. :cry: All that to save $15 a year on sprockets. You can do the math. :cry: Remember this is my opinion and to take it as that.


thanks, driver ... (I'm retired driver, 31 yrs out there, too old to be totalled out my Moto Guzzi in the canyon last month, healing up, and gettin my Big Red Pig ready for some more pain !) .. that sort of countershaft damage is what I had heard, too ... just needed to verify, I'll stick with a standard front, go with tough chain and rear sprocket ...

I purchased a set of Sidewinder sprockets and chain for a dirtbike. The chain set didn't last very long (2 months). I complained to Sidewinder and got no response. I don't think their product merits the price. It's just marketing hype. I use ordinary high carbon steel sprockets (Renthal) and DID chain for best results.

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