01 BRP C/S seals

Happy to say that the new seals did the trick, as well as moveing the breather to a larger hole in the air cleaner box. Way too many miles in the dunes W F O to count, NO oil leaks.

Bob J

Katoom might not like this post, T S

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Bob J,

I'm sure that Katoom is glad that you are one of the "Lucky Ones". :D

I still have my new seal in its wrapper. When I replace my chain and sprockets I will put the new seal in.

Already been through one set of tires and no C/S problem to report. :)

If You Gotts the chain and sprockets off, its soo easy!! We took maybe 15 Min's to change it at Dumont Dunes Ca., Loosen the chain and pull off C/S sprocket. Then you need a snap ring plier to pull the snap ring, we used two small screw rivers. Dig out the seal, carefull not to damage the bore or shaft, we used a small screw driver to poke a hole in it and pry it out. Mssagge in the new seal install the snap ring/ sprocket/chain etc. ADD oil for whats lost. Adjust the chain. GO TEST IT OUT!!



I had changed my oil and filter before I bought the new seal, so I didn't want to waste perfectly good oil. I take it from your post that If you lay the BRP on its side when you change the C/S that you will only lose a small amount of oil. If this is the case then I think I will buy a 13 tooth front sprocket and replace the seal.

I want to try a little lower gearing anyway and the front sprocket is inexpensive.



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Your right on with the lay the bike over on it's side trick. We layed it over about 45 degrees, against the trailer, did the surgery and lost only a slight amount of oil, the reason we even had to add oil was because we rode it several miles from the point where I saw it dripping on the sand to camp, slinging 20/50 Castrol all over everything, including riders boots/pants etc.

This was the 3rd seal to blow, but the first NEW style seal has NOT been a problem! This bike gets mega miles in the sand at Glamis Ca. and He rides it HARD!! I would change the seal A.S.A.P. if you can, just to avoid the mess and possible total loss of oil. Lucky for us, we saw it in time to get back to camp before we lost all the oil or had to tow it back, NOT fun in soft sand.

Bob J

I must be the luckiest XR650R owner in the world. I've had my '01 since the end of May, and I'm still on the original seal. That includes numurous sand dune trips, too.

I have blown one seal since I bought my bike, so I am glad there is a new one available. Not sure what BRP is so can someone fill me in? Like to get the improved seal, so where is it available. THANKS

BRP = Big Red Pig = XR650r

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