XR 650 R

Hey guys sorry if this is a double post but i couldnt find it on the forums search anyways how much does the R put out at the rear wheel ?

I believe uncorked it was 55HP.. :cry:

Uncorked, I think it's 55hp at the crank, not sure at the rear wheel.

But the main thing that makes the 650R so much fun is the huge TORQUE output!


'00XR650R/uncorked/jetted/street legal

it puts out 42~44Hp at the rear wheel and 47~49 with all the goodies. FRC pumper, carburetor street tire and everything just right maybe 52~54 on the right dyno. HRC power up kit (11:1 piston and cam) and the works some say 58~64hp but, I haven't seen it yet....I am looking forward to having mine tested.

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