Fork clicker settings? Any suggestions? XR650

I've got 5 weight oil in my forks, advanced novice trail rider and about 190lbs. I've played around with the compression and rebound clickers but haven't had any luck improving the feel of the bike. It seems really "harsh" on small bumps but nice on rolling/gradual bumps.

Is there any recommendation on the settings?

Are you forks re-sprung for your weight? and re-valved? The only way your going to get the forks plush is to go with lighter fluid (2.5wt Ultra light Golden Spectro) or gold valve. I have a bad wrist and have to have mine real plush but, still handle the big jumps. I weight 190 and run .45kg fork springs. Valve is drilled out to .1135" stiffer slow (on the compression stack, rebound and mid-stack are stock) stack and the 2.5wt fluid. and my wrist can handle it on the chadder now as well as the whoops at speed. I have the compression 10~12 clicks out (depends on the riding I am doing) and the rebound 8~10 out.

Interesting. I actually put the 2.5 weight in and couldn't tell any difference. I change back to 5 and I still don't notice any change.

Are the changes really subtle? I road today and did about 75 miles. I've got my compression all the way soft and I just played with the rebound. I think when the rebound was all the way "hard", I felt alot of jarring through the bars......I think?

I road another stock 650 and this bike felt plush. The owner said he hadn't done a thing to it.

I guess I'll keep trying and see if I can acquire more skill at adjusting things.

Also, my forks are stock.

The biggest difference is in the smaller faster moving stuff and it is a big difference and most notice but, then again there are some fluids that are not that good....I won't use Bell Ray. I can feel the difference between Golden Spectro Cartridge fluid and the Golden Spectro SPL and they are both 2.5wt the differance is real noticable on a real hot day and you pounding the whoops. The Cartridge fork fluid just starts to gets thin once it gets over 120 degrees inside. So, it depends if it is realy 2.5wt fluid you bought and what you comparing it to. What comes in your bike stock and the Honda 5wt you buy off the shelf are nothing alike. The stuff you buy off the self is way better. The bottom line is if your moving thinner fluid through the valve it will move faster, giving you a plusher ride on the small chatter and ruts. Same reason they have bigger holes in the gold valve...well not quite; thay also give more even flex of the shims but, your still moving more fluid. If you could have it perfect you wouldn't feel the difference between a 4" curb and a 4' jump. Mine is just about there.

Are the changes really subtle?

It's entirely possible that your 2.5wt fluid is thicker than the 5wt fluid. The SAE weight rating defines a range of viscosities within these weights and it's quite possible to have one 5wt significantly more vicious than another. There is no defined class for a 2.5wt fluid from the SAE. While these smaller numbers were created with good intentions, they can be misleading because of this. The ISO number of a fluid will give you a better idea of how one fluids viscosity comapares to the next as opposed to using SAE weight numbers. While I was at Barnums shop last week having some work done on one of my bikes, I brought my viscosity gauge with me and checked out a couple of the fluids he had sitting on the shelf just for the fun of it. The Maxima 7.5wt fork fluid he had was significantly less vicious than the Motorex 5wt fork fluid. Even though a person would think a 7.5wt would be thicker than a 5wt, the viscosity gauge clearly told another story and the difference was pretty significant.

If you want thinner fork fluid, then find out the ISO number of the 5wt fluid that you were just using and find another fork fluid with a smaller ISO number even if its the same weight. RedLine's "Like Water" fork fluid is super thin, but it was too thin for my taste.

That is great info! I do know that the cartridge fork fluid starts to thin at 110 degrees to the point you can 'feel it' light 2.5wt 85/150 and the SPL is way up there around 360 degrees also says Ultra light 2.5wt 80/375 I have used this the most in the forks but, also the shock. Maxima light is 75/395 and they say it's 3wt and is what I use in the shock and/or forks and is great and lower cost then some of the junk that is out there. Just my $.02 worth.

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