WB E-Series: pro meg vs. s-bend

Of those who have an E-Series, which one did you get? I only thought

they made the s-bend for the 650, but I saw today in the WB catalog

that they make the pro meg too. Kinda sparked my interest in getting

one a little more.

Also, if anybody had read the pipe shootout that DIRT BIKE did a while ago, which E-Series was it that they tested?


I believe it was the S-bend e series tested in the pipe comparison. The S looked like it had the best torque but was close to stock (uncorked) or slightly over for max hp. Some of the pipes had a little more on top but didn't help the low end as much as the S. I don't know personally because I uncorked and installed the S before riding (12 discs; but.. it feels super. Ear plugs are a must. Mine is "street legal" and I'm waiting to get stopped for noise but so far I've passed by 3 police cruisers without being noticed. I try to ride in "quite mode" on the street. There are lots of Harley neighbors around that make a bunch more noise so I'm not too worried.

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