Fork Springs, your opinion wanted!

Just did my rear suspension. Upped the spring from 5.0 to 5.4, shaved almost two pounds (Ti spring thanks to my new sponsor,, and had the shock revalved by the local genius, Les at

All in all, awesome. The difference is huge, and all for the better.

>>>>>WELL.... Except that doing the rear and not the front is a bad idea. The back feels 5 times better, but the front now feels 10 times worse.

So, now it's time to give the forks the same treatment. My question to you guys is this: If you had your front suspension done, did you put in new springs? If so, what rate? What did you think, before and after?

I am confused on this, cause the books say I needed to go up two rates in the back, but that the stock spring rate should be fine in the front. Do you agree? :cry:

just had pro-action do revalve and replace springs front and rear.i weigh 220 and they went from stock 5.0 to 5.4 but kept .46 in front. have not had time to ride yet.

I added 2 pre-load washers to each fork leg, after a heavier shock spring on my '03. The front feels much better 'balanced' with the rear. I got the part # from the tuning section of the owners manual. Much cheaper than new springs. But then I didn't have mine re-valved. Whoever does your forks I'm sure will have a recommendation for you.

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