XR650L v NX650

Just wondering if anyone can tell me if the NX650 uses the same carbie and emission control stuff as the XRL?

I have a 95 model NX and am having trouble sourcing info on this model!

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to getting to know you all in the future! :cry:

NX- To answer your question, the NX's engine/carb is pretty much exactly the same as the XRL except with different airbox and jetting due to the different frames.

Thanks, I was hoping to try a few of the carb mods suggested for the XRL but wasn't sure if they would apply. I have now drilled the 2 vacuum holes out a little and shimmed the needle, starting to feel more like my old XR! Uni-Filter is on order and I have some custom made pipes on the way soon I hope. Will get the bike dyno tuned after fitting the pipes.

I have owned the NX for approximately 3 months and only taken it on one decent ride, too busy modifying the sucker. :cry:

Sounds like you're having fun! If you really want the NX to go I'd suggest slipping in a high-compression piston as the standard compression ratio is only 8.3:1. As far as exhausts go if you can afford it, I'd recommend a Staintune as I've used these on a couple of my XR's over the years and they provide a fairly reasonable boost in power right through the rev range. For the NX a twin muffler setup is available,that will easily clean up like new and will never rust out! Have fun!

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