Supertrapp ISD2?

I recently bought an XR600, '95, in great condition except for the exhaust. It has a Cobra exhaust that is pretty beat up and has the baffles removed so it is a little loud. I am looking at the new Supertrapp.

a pic from their site


Anyone have any experience with this one or any thoughts on the White Bros. E-Series?

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10SE_Michael, I’ve got a 96 600. I have a WB E series with the stock header. It’s a good exhaust system but I wanted something a little quieter. I was running it with 12 disks but I removed 2 of them and that seemed to provide a little better low end torque. I recently removed the E series and put the stock pipe back on with a WB hot tip on it. I didn’t notice any loss in power but it sure is quieter. I hope this helps.

Mike :)

Isn't it great??? I had a conventional Supertrapp and switched to the Hot Tip with stock pipe. Once again, much quieter (about 90 dB) more low-end than the SuperCrapp and equal on top. Spend the whole $55 and get ya one. Ryan

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