Numbers for a stock uncorked pig, 128 0z = 1 gal

Mixed street & trail mileage 39.3 mpg

Gas capacity to reserve, straight up, no sloshing 180 oz, range 55 miles

Straight up reserve capacity 38 oz, reserve range 11.7 miles

Measured fuel left in tank 115 oz

Practical range sloshing fuel to the right side of the tank with reserve 80 miles

Anybody getting results much different? I can understand the popularity of aftermarket fuel tanks. I will be in the market for one soon.


on my 600 with a cam, I can still pull 70 miles out of the stock tank trail/street or trail only.

I should have been mentioned these capacities were measured with the bike level, on a stand at rest. No attempt was made to tip the tank to the right until measuring the gas trapped on the left, then the bike was tipped all the way on its side a couple of times to get the gas over to the right side. Measurements were made to the ounce. The 39.3 MPG was measured carefully but with conservative riding. The manual states capacity at 2.6 gallons, which agrees with the 333 total ounces measured. If you jet for two altitudes to yield the same air to fuel mix and use the same amount of energy for a loop of riding you will get the same mileage but at the higher altitude you will use a little more throttle to compensate for the lack of air. My XR600R got a lot better mileage then my pig. Not surprising with the difference in power. Also I believe the 600 held 3.25 gallons.

Thump on


Usually I hit reserve between 55 and 64 miles depending on conditions and altitude.Altitude seems to eat more gas. We cant be getting 39 mpg or we would get 108 miles with reserve.80 miles would be the max on a tank if your lucky.After running out on reserve, sloshing the fuel to the petcock side and then going a little further there is no 115oz.left in my tank, your saying almost 1 gallon you cant burn out of a 2.7 gal. tank?Not on my bike?I believe I dont hit reserve until 2 to 2.2 gallons are burned up.The quicksilver carb is said to get 5 to 6 mpg better so I am hoping its true.

I just hit reserve on my 93 XR6 at 80 miles, so I might be able to squeeze 100 trail miles out of it. Most of these are tight, rutted, rocky, root covered trails where 15 mph is fast. I am sure I would get much worse on trails where I could open it up a little. Stock capacity on the XR6 is about 2.6 gallons.

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