Pipes For 2004 WR 450

I was looking through pipes and wondered if anyone had any input on which pipe would produce the most power put still be around 96DB. I have looked at the Pro Circuit type 496, FMF "Q", and the Yoshimura Titanium Pro Series Exhaust. Any suggestions would be appreciated. IF you would like to send an e-mail to my box it is Rasmussen600@aol.com

thank you


the Q seems to be the industry standard. :cry:

Does anybody know what the actual db. reading of the FMF Q is ? to do the CCC events in michigan it has to pass at 94. :cry:

I had my Q tested on my 03 WR450 last year right after I got it, at 95 db. There are some specific details of the test that may change from state to state, like how far, and at what angle to hold the DB meter from the end of the pipe. Gotta keep that in mind. Check with FMF.

Someone posted that they used a Quiet Products insert in a stock muffler that passed at 93db and it wasn't nearly as restrictive as a GYTR. Might be a cheap solution to your problem. www.quietiscool.com

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