Finally bought one! (BRP that is!)

Well, after years of school, scrimping and saving, I finally went ahead and bought a new leftover 2001 XR650R!

The bike was $711 (Cdn)less than the new 2002 model and the salesman agreed to sell me the powerup kit at ~2/3 cost to clinch the deal. I am ecstatic!

Next I will be attempting to dual-sport it in my home province of Manitoba. It's been very hard to find any info on this. Many of the local dealerships know what this is about yet none of them seem too thrilled with safety-approving a modded bike for street use.

Fortunately the Department of Driver and Vehicle Licensing has said to me several times over that such a bike can be made street legal so long as it meets all of the requirements that the regular street bikes do when they are safetied. They even said that in "extreme" cases (like when no dealer will do it??) THEY will do the inspection. So I remain optimistic. Likewise, I spoke by phone with one person who had done it with an XR600R so I know it can be done.

I am likely going to use the Baja Designs kit with a Panoram speedometer, even with the expense of currency conversion and shipping. I really like the workmanship of their kits. I will be asking BD if they can ship it any way other than UPS. This is so I can avoid the infamous "brokerage fee" that UPS arbitrarily adds to get the stuff across the border. I wonder if Fed Ex is any better?

I also wonder about the feasibility of using the powerup exhaust baffle on the street. I know that BD also sells a turned down exhaust tip to shove inside the powerup baffle. Any advice on this? Has anyone done the powerup mods without the exhaust baffle? How much of a difference does the baffle make by itself anyways?

I think that I am going to be much happier with this bike converted than I would have been with a DRZ400S. More power (lots more), less weight, better suspension, tastes great, less filling!

Kurt Penner

congrats on the new bike.

I do not have any experience with this, nor do I live in Canada. I have heard that if you mark the package from the US a gift then any importing fees are waived (you might have to declare it less than a certain $$ value too ...), this is only a vague memory from another message board several months back, but is worth a try ... good luck and enjoy the new bike!

Check this out. Using the 650L parts costs about $1500.00 - more than BD, but much better quality.

If you go with the BD kit you might want to check with some dealers first. I got one for my 600 from Machine Racing for a really good price. They ship anywhere in Canada and you don't need to worry about getting it across the border.

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