Back Tire Size - What's Your Choice?

I run my 650l 100% on road.

I'm gonna (try to .. heh!) figure out what is the widest tire I can fit on the back withour scrubbing the swing arm?

Any suggestions? Or just for the curiosity if you run dual or street, what do you run (tire wise and sizes?)

I'v been runnin the avon roadrunner (model - AM21)110/90/18 (w/ metzler tubes)on the rear of my xr650l. Am going to switch to the Bridgestone BT45 on the rear, and keep the avon AM21 RoadRunner 21" on the front. (it's nice & sticky(

I just cant afford to go to 17"s yet..


Oops correction....

The front is an Avon AM20 90/90/21

The rear is an AM 21 120/90/18


One of my buddies has an 03 650l with a 140/90/18 real tire and no problems with rubbing at all. He rides mostly off-road with his so he has a real agressive tread pattern, might consider gearing down if installing a bigger rear tire.

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