Where do you ride?

Ok, Since this board seems a little slow right now I thought I would ask how many of you ride in the Corona/OC area? There must be some of the you on this board that do because I see quite a few XRs in the Cleveland Nat forrest every ride.

Mike :)

Well the post asked where I ride, it ain't in Ca., but since I'm here I'll reply. Belfair, Wa. has a lot of great single-track lowland riding. It's better in the spring & winter b/c it gets real dusty once it dries out (I know hard to believe for WA). Walker Valley is fun, tight and technical. Moses Lake is in Eastern WA, wide open dunes and a blast to go hang out at for the weekend. Once a year, last weekend in fact is the best riding I've ever done, the Stumpjumpers Desert 100 @ Mattawa. 3 37 mile laps with a Monte Carlo start!!

Las Vegas area mostly. Open country in all directions and billions of trails/scenic junk. Las Vegas is also great starting point for other interesting areas like death valley, dumont dunes, laughlin, lake powell ect.. Another great feature about las vegas is the fact that most people visit sooner or later. Its funny how many guys have to clear a weekend of riding with the wife but soon as you take her to vegas, toss her some cash, a stiff drink and point her to nearest machine...she wont even notice you gone, let alone riding all weekend.

Come and join the fun. My father (steve) and i (jim) always welcome visiting riders. Bring bike and be ready to ride! I should also mention be prepared to ride all day. We dont cut rides short because you dont know the way back and most wives dont like being called at the casino because you want her to drive to some distant place and drive you and your bike back. Email if interested at rose4hof@aol.com

Live in Laguna Niguel and rode Maple Springs to Main Divide to Indian Truck trail last Friday with a friend (Me on a Cannondale E440 and he on a DRZ400).

Thought Maple Springs was suppose to be closed for Horny toad mating season, BUT IT'S OPEN. Ranger said no toad lovin goin on....not enough water in the creek!

Hey RR we rode the Main Divide on Sunday from my home in Corona past the OHV park south of the Ortega Hwy. Our round trip was just over 94 miles. It took about 5 1/2 hours but actual riding time was only about 4 hours. Made it on a tank of gas too but I had to use up my reserve. Do you or anyone else know if the trail continues south to say Murietta?

Mike :)

Mike, I have only driven my bike to the OHV area but not beyond. However, I seem to recall looking at a forest service map of the clevland forest and seeing a route/trail continue on and out to a residential area off the 15 freeway around wildomar/murietta area. I found my map at Sport Chalet, but you can buy one at the forest ranger office in corona. Sounds like a good loop.

How much of it was street? Where did you get on the main divide from?

RR, Most of the 90+ miles was on dirt but we went back to Ortega Hwy, to Lake St, then took Temescal Canyon home. Besides, by then it was 3:30 and we wanted to get home and have a few cold ones. All and all it was a good ride.

Mike :)


I ride from Devore to a few dual sport places, as far as Big Bear. Will ride in Lucern Valley on Sat and Sunday. You ride in OC where and when? What places are open after spring time to ride. Again my 600 is dual sported. Thanks

I live in Corona but I do ride over the hill into Orange from time to time. In those instances I normally take the 241 and 91 freeways home. I haven’t been to Lucern Valley in years. I took a six year break from riding and since I now live at the base of the Cleveland Forrest I have been spending many hours up there sharpening my skills again. My friends and I have made trips to Hodge Road and plan to get in one or two more rides thereabouts before it gets too hot. It is almost time to switch gears and pull out the boat for the summer on the river. I would like to try what slow poke mentioned and give a Vegas ride a try but when I mentioned that to my wife she gave me the look. Besides we are discussing making a river / moto trip to Laughlin. By the way, I think it's great that your wife and daughter ride bikes too.

Mike :)

I've ridden all around the Laughlin area and it is fantastic riding!

Right behind the Ramada casino you can ride back into the desert then head south towards needles and stop off at the AVI for a cold one or lunch. Other side of the river in Bullhead you can make a nice loop into Oatman (look at map)..neat old mining town to stop and look around. There are some great single track trails around Oatman.

Originally posted by xr rider:

RR, Most of the 90+ miles was on dirt but we went back to Ortega Hwy, to Lake St, then took Temescal Canyon home. Besides, by then it was 3:30 and we wanted to get home and have a few cold ones. All and all it was a good ride.

Mike :)


Is there a trail to get from Corona up to the Main Divide? Bedford road?


Daughter rips on her 02 KX-65, wifes bike collects dust in the garage. We have a mini track in our back yard with a small jump. If you need ride parterner on dual sport ride let me know,

e mail at spraylinem@aol.com am looking for other places to check out. thks.


Is there a gas station near the trailhead in Corona or anywhere on Temescal Canyon road along the 15 fwy? MY bike's range is only about 70 miles and am trying to plan a loop from my house.



Is there a trail to get from Corona up to the Main Divide? Bedford road?

Actually there are two ways that I know of to get onto the Main Divide from my local area:

1. Oak Street, this is one block west of Lincoln. Turn south onto Oak from Ontario St. You will see a dirt parking lot with an entrance to the trails. This trail is not the Main Divide but it will dump you onto it after about 3-5 miles. I live about 2 1/2 miles from this entrance.

2. The other entrance is just off of Fullerton Ave. I don’t know the street name but I will get it and get back to you. This entrance is located between some estate homes on an easement. It also runs right into Main Divide after about 3-5 miles. Or after 10-15 minutes. There is a gate but is usually not locked. This is about ½ mile from my house.

Mike :)

Wilson 1, sorry to hear about your wife not riding her bike but that will give the daughter something to look forward to. My normal riding partner and I are always looking for people to ride with. I will send you an email to work out the details.

RR, there is an ARCO gas station on Temescal Canyon right next to Toms Farms. We have stopped there on the way home from rides to get a gas and a cold one. The downside is that it is about 7 miles down the mountain from Main Divide to the gas station. You have to experience Toms on a weekend afternoon when all of the bikers and tourists show up. It is pretty funny. The other option would be to take Ortega Hwy to Lake street in Elsinore to a gas station.

Mike :)

Mike, shoot me an e mail when ready. My XR-600 is also a 96 but with pro tapers, ims pegs, clark tank, re-sprung and valved front and rear. We are off to Lucern at 6:00 am tomorrow, hope its not to rocky...thks, Wilson-1

wilson, What area of Lucern Valley did you ride? My friends and I ride Bell Mountain, El Mirage, and occassionally Soggy Dry Lake. My favorite ride is out to the Slash X Ranch Saloon off the 247 (I think!). We're from the La Habra/Whitier area. Maybe we can get together for some rides. Let me know.


Josh, Good to here some local people on this post, I live in East Whittier toward La Habra. The ride in Lucern was pretty good, we rode with Paul Kraus a pro rider for KTM. It was rocky-nasty wooped out junk and I am beat! My 600 is a pig in the rocks. Send me an e mail at spraylinem@aol.com and let me know whats up.

Anyone want to put together a ride in the Corona area before it gets too hot ?


I just got my bike, so I really haven't had much of a chance to ride it, but I've either mountain biked, or 4 wheeled all over.

My "list" of places to ride are:

Hungry Valley (Gorman CA)

Big Bear (as soon as I get my dualsport kit on)

Cannell Trail (up near Kernville)

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