Where do you ride?


My rear shock is still in the shop, now getting the shaft re-chromed and the inside of the shock body re-anodized.I suppose it means I have ridden the crap out of the bike! As soon as I get it back and installed Ill get in touch.


Let me know when/where in Corona, Im up for a ride before it gets to hot. Thanks, Wilson

Mostly in Tillamook Forest. I went down one tooth in front and I will probably go up about 3 in back when the chain/sprockets wear out. This bike does OK on tight woods trails - actually easy to ride up things. I DO need a hot-start switch though! I did the manifold/jets/needle position/airbox trick, and it's quite rich when stalling on an uphill.

Wilson, no problem. I was wondering how that was going for you. Let me know when you're ready. I went out to Wild Wash over the weekend and had a Great ride! Looking forward to another trip out there pretty soon.

FireCkrEd, I'm ready to go when you are. Weekday afternoons are ok for me too. Send me an email

Mike :)

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