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First ride report on my '05 450

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I spent about two hours on my new CRF today. It was primarily woods trail with some off camber, some up hill climbs and medium sized jumps. I also did some mid acceleration runs in an open field through fifth gear.

Now to the bike, it was incredible! I spent a little time on an '02 CRF a few months ago and I must say there was a lot of diference. The biggest difference was more low end, a lot more. The throttle response was instant and it pulled from waaaaay down low to levels I was not willing to spin it till I break it in. Riding anywhere in the vacinity of trees required shifting a gear higher and somewhat lugging it a little to keep things from happenning too quickly. The front end did not seem to push as badly as the '02 in corners but it is my opinion that any four stroke will push some just because of the tractability unweighting the front tire when on the gas.

I love this bike! I wish I could ride it to its full poential but the suspension is so good and the engine is just unbelievable. I can't imagine how Honda will improve on this bike ever. 😢

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