I Am.

Just want to wish all my fellow Canuck T-Talkers a safe and happy long weekend.Make sure you celebrate Canada's birthday in a manner that is fitting for the greatest country on the planet(ride hard,party harder,repeat as required). :)

I had several great rides this weekend in her honor!

BTW Pete, the E-Series is on the bike w/ 6 disks (much quieter than the FMF). Now to get it jetted properly!!!


Cue,glad to hear that you're happy with the noise level from the E-Series.I started out with 6 and then went to 8 discs with no easily descernable increase in noise.I don't think my flatlander jetting will be of much use to you,but basically I went one sz. richer on the pilot,raised the needle and set the fuel screw at approx.1&3/4 turns out.The bike runs nails,no flat spots,hard starting,or plug fouling.Just wondering-how do you find the fit & finish of the E-Series in comparison to the FMF?

The fit & finish is excellent, but I really can't say much bad about the FMF -- short of the noise, that is! My opinion: the E-Series is a little better quality-wise.

The 6 disks is WAY corked compared to the FMF for sure, it runs like a dog now....way too rich. I'm heading for the Dual Dogs 6 Days ride tomorrow, and will have to adjust everything once I'm there. I'm getting lazy & hoping that the elevation change will compensate (wishful thinking I'm sure :))

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