honda xr 650r vs ktm 625 sxc

which is the better choice for dual purpose: xr650r or ktm 625sxc? I've heard the xr650r is heavy and not really even as good a woods bike as the old 600s hopped up.

Whoever told you the 650 is not a good woods bike is full of [@#$%&*!]. It is a very capable woods bike. I never have ridden the 625 but I know alot of people on TT dual sport the 650 and love it.

I think you'll find it comes down to personal preference.

Here's some quotes from a Cycle World article in June of ths year that compared the following bikes as enduro bikes (KDX200, CRF250X, WR250F, TE250, 250EXC, 450EXC, WR450F, TE450, FE450E, DR-Z400, XR650R)

"A surprise was the Honda XR650R. Big Bertha is amazingly versatile and hides her weight well-most of the time. Not one complaint about the motor, especially from super=sized guys who need this amount of power and torque. Handling is really good, and well all came away impressed with just how well the suspension worked-swee-all-around bump absorption, very much like the WR450.....Even places where we thought the XR would get killed, it held its own as long as we remembered to relax and take it easy."

The big XR is a great woodsbike once you let it do the work for ya. No need to fight it. Or like Qadsan said, learn to relax.

I have ridden both bikes and the 625 is definately a different running motor. It vibrates much more than the sewing machine smooth XR. The 625 is a little heavier than the XR but not much. The XR out turns the 625. I have a friend who rides the 625 in all conditions and he is really good on that bike. He can lose me but that is talent not bike. I let him ride mine and he loved it, not that he plans on buying one soon.

It really is preference and you need to ride both. The 625 is easier to dual sport in all states. If I could dual sport my XR I would have the perfect bike for most everything I do.

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