Rear rack for XR650R or 600R

Anybody know of a place that makes a rear rack for the XR 650R and the 600? Besides Baja Designs... I was looking for something cheaper

Here's the company that makes the racks.

You could try contacting to see if they can make you a deal on it.

If you only want to put a small tool / medical pack on a rack, you may want to consider fastening the small pack directly to the fender immediately behind the rear seat. All you'd have to do is drill a couple mounting holes in the fender & pack, place inserts or eyelets in the holes and bolt it on with the appropriate hardware. As long as the pack is not too large or too heavy, it may work out very well.

Hey Billy,

You might want to look up "" I could better help you with all of your questions on all of these topics if I knew where you were going and the duration. I am at

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