Any Blue owners ride a 05 CRF yet? Your thoughts.....

At times I want to keep my 03 450 for one more year....lately I am interested in the 05 CRF, more than usual - I am hearing great things about this bike - I have not been a fan of past CRF's for various reasons - Valves have been a concern - but in the real world many of my friends/riding buds that have them have had no issues with valves - period, although few have. Has anyone ridden this new Honda yet? It is supposed to carve turns like no other 4stroke. Yea I like the power of my 450 - but it still is not a "complete package" even though I have spent tons of $ to try to get it complete! It does suit me well (4speed) and has caused me no mechanical issues....just curious if others are thinking the same? :cry:


I had an 04 CRF450 and it was an awesome bike, but I will not buy another Honda until the stepup on the valve issue.

The 05 yz450 is to be alot better, so I will post and let you know very soon! :cry:

I've tried the crf450 and it just doesn't feel comfortable. something about the ergo's on the yamaha is just right. As for the power I like the pull on the Yamaha better than the Honda. I might try the honda again later just to see but, for now I'll ride blue.

I felt the same, I tried an 04 crf and did not like it. I don't see all the hype about the crf, but apparently it is me because there are alot of them out there. My lap times were 3 and 4 seconds faster on the Yamaha, so I am waiting for my 05 which will be here any day! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry::lol:

I rode the 04 CRF and I felt it was a lighter version of my 03 YZ450. It felt like I was riding someone elses YZ. The power felt the same and everything. We had the same exhausts on both bikes. The handlebars are a little high but other than it was ok.

I am hearing the 05 is just a slimmer version but the handling didnt really get much better.

I have an 05 CRF on order, I am coming off of an 03 YZ450. The YZ does have great pulling power...the four speed tranny IMHO is not the best thing in the world...maybe it's just the tracks I ride on...but I have ridden on a BUNCH of different kinds of tracks. The CRF ergos suit me better, the suspension out of the box feels better after being set up and the more mellow power delivery make the power more usable. I can also run longer and harder on the CRF than I can on my YZF and I believe it is due to the motor and delivery not being so brutal. I feel that the YZF is a great bike, and I am glad to have owned it, there just happened to be what I feel to be a better bike out there for me.

And thats all that matters.

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