What is the adverage distance a person can go on a tank of fuel on a stock WR450? I'm talking adverage trail riding.... Thanks! :cry:

I am thinking about 80 to 90 miles but my bike only hase about 250 miles on it so I hope it will improve over time :cry:

So is it safe to say about 40 mpg then? :cry:

if your idling goin downhill with a tailwind! i'd call it 30-33 to be safe. when you get up on it the mpg drops to the low 20's :cry:

WOW big diffrence! That would mean about 65 miles to a tank then.... Just trying to figure out how far a guy can ride before he knows he will be running out of fuel. Does anyone pack fuel on them selves? I know a guy can get a bigger tank, I'm just trying to figure out other ideas. Thanks! :cry:

stock tank is 2.6 gallon i was getting to reserve after 55-60 miles of brisk paced riding(not gettin up on it) so i would think 75 miles with stock tank and you might be walkin,now if you were riding throttle conscious and trying to conserve you might get more but i've never tried that. and there are alot of choices for tank size. clarke,acerbis,and a couple others i can't remember. :cry:

Thats me, 65 to 70 miles at average trail speeds at 3500 feet. Will do a little better jetted for high altitude. Tim

I was on reserve after 75 miles with a full tank plus a gallon. I was also jetted rich at sealevel, was riding rough trails, and was riding them pretty hard.

I guess my point is that there are a lot of factors.

It varies greatly depending on the type of riding that you are doing. I.E. dual sport rides (pavement/gravel/double track) I get at least 90 miles on a tank, but tight woods will get you only mid 60s. It does get more than I originally thought from reading posts here. I was ready to buy an IMS tank, but realized that the stock tank works well for the type of riding that I am doing. Best thing for you to do is to fill, then fill again at 50 miles and check your mileage.

As far as packing fuel, while I have lots of range on my 01 WR426 (about 105 miles on the 3.4 gal stock tank), we must pack gas for my son's CRrr80. For most rides, we both strap a 32 oz Enduro Jug on our bars. That gets him an extra half gallon. For really long rides, I've taken a 1 gal Anti-freeze jug, filled it with premix for his 80, and carried it along in a back pack. It's kind of a pain, but it works. Acerbis also makes a fuel tank front tnumber plate that holds about a gal., and Baja designs just came out with a fuel tank side panel for the WRs.

Thanks for the replies. Does anyone have a link to one of these "Enduro Jug"? Thanks again for all the great info on this site! :cry:

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