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New Corbin Seat installed on 1993 DR-350s

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Got it in yesterday, UPS sent an email when it was delivered to Dad's shop. Amazing, didn't know they did (or could do) that.

All black with black piping, figured that would blend in with all the soft luggage better than the blue unit that is normally sold for the DR. Looks fine, black tends to hide the strange shapes as well, so it doesn't look particularly odd when viewed quickly. Longer inspection shows it looks

like an elongated tractor seat, curved down in the middle, and wider than stock. Very firm, too; but wide.


Putting it on the bike took a little doing. There's a tongue on the front of the seat that has to fit under a tongue that holds down the fuel tank. Didn't want to go. Inspected it, and ended up grabbing channel locks and

carefully bending the fuel tank tongue up a few mm, no evidence that anything was done. Slipped right on after that.

After that, I put the side panels on. Stock seat has 2 rubber grommets on the underside (one on each side) that a nipple on each side-panel fit up into and are retained by the rubber. The Corbin just has holes instead. Not a biggie, as each side-panel has a total of 2 grommets (others are on frame) and a screw, so losing one mounting point on each isn't a major thing.

Riding it:

The seat is wide, concave, and firm. But it stays comfy for the short distances I've ridden it (20-30 miles). The stock seat could inflict numbness in even that short a distance.

The Corbin transmits more vibes to the rider than the stocker, which is dead smooth. Looking underneath before installation, it's obvious why: the Suzuki seat has a rather extensive rubber-mounting system of oddly shaped rubber mounts. The Corbin has just 4 small rubber donuts. Big difference, in design and in function. End result is that I feel more of that single-cylinder pulsing with the Corbin, but it's actually smooth around 5800 RPM, which is about 65-70 MPH. So it's livable.

Kick-starting is a little more awkward, with the wider seat. I can deal with that, too.

Anyway, bought it for the passenger(s) more than for me (I've gotten by this long with the stocker, could've stayed with it forever...), so the real test is tonight when I get my 10 y/o son Jean-Luc and we head north 80 miles or so to Dearborn MI on it. Crossing my fingers he likes it.

G/f Sharon is made of different stuff, and thinks the OEM Suzuki and Concours seats suck equally. I've no idea how to bet on which way she'll go.

I think it'll be nice for long pavement rides. Solo dirt rides, I don't know that it's an improvement, as there was never any discomfort there. Going to keep the stocker handy, as it allows more movement of the rider off-road.

Now perhaps a long dirt ride, such as Dawson City to Inuvik, I'd think different. But to me, dirt rides are short spurts down former RR grades and through woods and such. Local geography shapes my preferences again...

Now if only those sideracks would arrive from Happy Trails, due any day. I'm sure they'll get here, I'm just on edge with cold weather coming on and riding season winding down.

Doug Grosjean

Luckey, Ohio


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