Kick starter position on a wr 400

My wr is hard to start because of the position of the kickstarter. I find I must turn my toes out to stop from hitting the footpeg on the bottom of the stroke.

In muddy conditions this foot position makes it easier for my foot to slip off. Anyone have a cure?

It's a PITA isn't it, the way the kicker slams the peg. :cry: Not much you can do, short of trading it on a WR450..... I've done the 'peg mod (lowered the pegs a little), which helped a bit, but really just changed the spot where the kicker hits the 'peg. :cry: I guess i'm sorta used to it now, I haven't been noticing it too much, only rang a bell when you brought it up.....Here's a link to the footpeg mod', it may help. You can thank John for the pic's...(read the thread, and scroll down for the pic's) Footpeg mod' link... :cry: :cry: :cry:

pro-tec makes a kicker(kwik-kick) that is shorter(faster turning of the motor) and sticks out further(clears the footpeg) its also lighter than stock only downfall is it costs $150,well worth it in my book. :cry: :cry:

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