Baja 1000

Anyone know of any teams that need a rider for the last leg of the Baja 1000 next month? I am willing to help in the expenses, but I really just want to ride in the race. My team fell apart down here.

I know the area down here really well, which is why I am suggesting the last leg.

Thanks and talk to you all later. :cry: :cry:

...teams always fall apart!

Ironman it! :cry:

Somehow I knew that you were going to suggest that. You still going to iron man it? The thought crossed my mind, however, I don't have the time to leave work to pre-run. I am going to ironman the 500 next year. In the meantime, I want to go for a leg of the 1000. What is Kurt's team up to? They racing? Tell them I am available if they need me, or send me his number and I will call him.

...teams always fall apart!

Ironman it! :cry:

Ya ... come on ... tell us?? :cry: Are you gonna iron man it? :cry:

You're still :cry: too coo coo for cocoa puffs in my book. (referring to your ride down, pre-run, and ride back up for the 500).


What a stud. Yeah, whatever uh, nutritional supplements, chemicals :cry: or ?? you're takin' to be able to do that, I WANT SOME! :cry: :cry:

I sent you a P.M. :cry:

Ironman the 1000?

Sounds horrible...although i must admit:

My Dog Wants Out!


I'm planning on doing the 1000 next year. It will be the first time for me to have a partner in a race. A fellow racer Mike DeJohn and I have raced against each other for years and began a friendship when he was diagnosed with cancer, he licked it and is riding great. We're thinking of racing for the City of Hope and raise money for cancer research, they have programs already set up for events like this. Should be a lot of work but the two of us can get it done...

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