Moose tube lube

I'm getting my XR 650R ready for a ride in Moab and want to reinstall my Michelin desert tires with moose tubes. They were installed by Euromaster for the Dakar Rally and when I took them off there was a black lubricant on the tubes. Do I need to use a special lubricant when reinstalling them? What kind of lubricant should I use and where do I get it.

I always use soap and water to get the tires on and it would be black after I take the tire off. Don't use any kind of oil based product because it will brake down the tube and tire.

I've seen people use baby power on the tube to prevent rim pinchs. It makes sence but I have never tried it.

Yeah, I generally use regular diswash soap and water when changing tires with inflatable tubes. The stuff used by Euromaster was almost like a thick black grease and was surprisingly slippery. It was a real gooy mess - nothing like soap and water. The tires had been on for a couple of months so any water based stuff would likely have evaporated. Since this is my first experience with moose tubes I am unsure if moose tubes need to be treated any differently than inflatable tubes. Is the "tire grease" simply to ease the installation or does it protect the moose tube from disintigrating or binding with the tire?

I did some more checking and discovered the tubes are called Bib Mousse (not moose) and the stuff I was referring to is called bib mousse tire gel. It is specific for Michelin tires and bib mousse tubes.


I haven't installed mousse tubes, but everything I have read says it can be dangerous. I would recommend having a dealer/skilled mechanic with a professional tire changing station do this for you.

Ty Davis was featured in an article in the June 2001 issue of Dirt Bike where he demonstrated how to put in bib mousse tubes. He used that special lubricant and about 12 tire irons and a couple of pairs of vice grips. It didn't look fun. But at least you don't have to worry about pinching the tube.

I called a Michelin bike tire dealer and learned that he doesn't use the gel. Instead, he uses plenty of baby powder. I read the article in Dirt Rider too. Five pages of instructions!!!

I used several bar clamps to squeeze the tire to take it off and it worked fine - just like an ice tire. We'll see about putting them on.

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