Gonna pick my XR 650 up tomorrow!!!

Well, after a long stint of hemming and hawing (are those really words?), going between XR, DRZ,WR,XR,DRZ,WR I had a local dealer make me come to my senses and made a offer on a new 02 650R that I just couldn't walk away from. For those that got the deal on new 650R's from Sun Enterprises in Colorado, Thousand Oaks Honda in California has pretty much the same deal, and their stock is going quick...talk to Yannick, he'll hook you up.

Any break in info that I need to know? I'm ordering the BD dualsport kit, barkbusters and fork brace tomorrow.

How loud is the HRC muffler insert? How about with the BD turndown?

Thanks for all of the help and guidance. I'm really looking forward to taking it out this weekend, as i haven't been on a dirt bike in 6 years!!!!!

Congratulations on the new addition to the family.

Mike :)


First, uncork and rejet the BRP.

Second, set static and race sag. If you are more than 180 lbs you will want to change the fork and rear springs. If you are under 180 lbs do this right away.

If you haven't been on a dirt bike in 6 years, I would advise you to practice the little things first. Get use to the turning and braking, especially panic braking in dirt.

Watch out for a major lifestyle change. Your wife or girlfriend may become jealous. Buy her a bike too and have fun together. :)

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Watch out for a major lifestyle change. Your wife or girlfriend may become jealous. Buy her a bike too and have fun together.

Man, Needsprayer Nailed that one!!!

Mike :)

Congrats on the new bike. The XR650 is a great bike that takes a lot of abuse. It's a bit heavy so it is tough to flick around corners, but I bet it will still be running in 10 year's time. I hit something in the desert at about 60 mph on my XR650 and did an end over end crash that demolished the front wheel and split the ohlins suspension in half. Three months later, I got the bike back from Africa and it started 3rd kick.

If you are doing tight woods riding I recommend getting a rad cap that will take higher pressure.

I agree with taking it easy after not riding in 6 years. Big Red can put you in a world of hurt real fast. Nothing worse then a guy getting back into riding, buying a new bike, getting hurt and then selling bike a month later. Also, make sure you have ALL the saftey gear you can afford. The one thing you dont have, will be the spot you crash.

I just put on a 13T front sprocket for better trail handling. Will get to ride again after 6 June. I can hardly wait. I am giving my ribs time to fully heal from a spill about 5 weeks ago.

During this time of not riding, I installed the BAJA DESIGNS headlight replacement w/100 W halgoen bulb, a Scotts billet aluminum throttle tube, the updated countershaft seal, greased the rear linkage and added some free graphics from Scotts. :)

How does that headlight work? I bet that it is bright. I installed the one that came with the Baja D DS kit and that thing is even a world of difference compared to the stocker. So far I have installed the DS kit, Clarke 4.3 tank, power up kit, pro tapers, Bills pipe and a smog block off kit. I think that I want to get either a damper or a fork brace. I don’t know which one I should prioritize first. Any suggestions?


First I wound the unused stator posts to increase the lighting circuit power output of the stock stator.

http://www.wtvl.net/n1rzc/stator/stator.htm Credit to Eric Foster.

The 100W halogen bulb is very bright and I expect to be seen better when on the road (dual sported in AZ). Can't wait to do a little nighttime primitive road riding, no fast stuff. :D

I haven't put on a fork brace or steering stabilizer yet. Both are good additions. If I had to prioritize it would be a fork brace to help in the ruts. :)

Congrats! You are gunna love it. Whatever you do, be sure to uncork it and rejet. They are two different animals indeed. If you are in California you probably have to do the smog block off trick as well.

Everyone has an opinion on break-in, but I say take it easy for 200 miles and change oil every ride; however what I do is get way over anxious, lose self-control on the throttle and let her rip, and then change oil after every serious ride for the first 3-4 hundred miles! Break-in is the hardest time for me. Good luck to you.


I got my BRP after not riding for 5 years do to a street bike accident. I used to ride a CR500. I used to jump that thing and ride it pretty wide open. So naturally, I wanted another big fast bike. I went down and purchased a 2002 BRP, rode it the first weekend and went down on it in less than 5 minutes. This was nothing like my old CR500. I have to be honest when I say “This bike intimidated me to the max”. It was almost like that bike can smell fear. I have found that you have to be confident and at the same time respect the massive power and size of that machine. I could ride that bike fast in the open with no problem. My problems were slow technical slick trails. I went to a 1 tooth smaller sprocket in the front. This helped me learn to ride the bike and at the same time, let me enjoy it. I could never give up this bike. It is a good all around machine.

can u XR650 power people pick up the front wheel in top gear? There's only one bike I've ridden that can do that and that was a KX500. I haven't ridden a CR500 though. :)

Only Johnny Campbells bike wheelies in 5th,but good riders can wheelie from 2nd or 3rd up to 5th easy.

Wheelies in 4th are pretty easy on mine. I haven't had my bike in 5th gear long enough to try.


Did you find that it was simple modify the stator yourself?


If you have a little wiring experience, excellent attention to detail and patience you will have no problems.

Plus you get bragging rights.

It takes two days (overnight) because of the epoxy drying time.

I'm riding red again too. I pick up my new bike tomorrow. Honda has a sale on 2001 XR650's so I picked one up at lunch or should I say I paid for it at lunch. $5263 out the door.

I think that I will give the stator thing a try soon.

Thanks for the info.

Hey Billy,

I'm in Denver too... give me a jingle at info@mtndoo.com if you want to ride!

I've got a Y2K BRP and love it!



BTW..Did you do the full HRC Kit([piston/cam/etc), or just the de-restricting stuff(manifold/airbox)?

New member in SoCal, south of LAX. I am picking up new 02 R next satrdy June 8th from Kevin at Thousand Oaks Honda. Workd real hard to get 5142.00 otd. Thats good for Calif. Getting hopup kit and BD dualsport. Talk to you later.


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