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Moto Hawaii Tour Write Up...

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Yesterday Puinsai_5, Duane and I went on the Moto Hawaii Tour on the island of Kauai. We met up with TT member pgr11.

Before I go any further I'd like to thank Jeff Guest, Billy and Derek for an awesome day. The tour is first class all the way. You start off from an incredible place on the North Shore of Kauai and straight into the dirt. The views are spectacular and the riding is first rate. If you want an easy day Jeff can give it to you. If you want a medium difficulty day that's OK too. Or if you want to challenge yourself he can put together a route to keep you sweating but smiling all day long.

We opted for a pretty mellow to medium start of the day so Jeff could see the riding ability of all of us. I think the Hawaii guys passed with flying colors. A guy named Mike from Michigan was having some troubles with the slippery clay and pgr11 from Hisperia CA was doing just fine.

By the end of the day however, things began to become clear. If you want a all mellow day in the mountains, don't bring Torture and his crew. 😛 By the end of the day we all had a great time and that's all I got to say about that.

Moto Hawaii gets 2 big thumbs up! 😢😉 If you come to Hawaii YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TOUR!

Moto Hawaii Tour Information

PGR11 at the start of the day


One slippery a$$ jeep road! 😉


Pgr11 (Chris) having a blast!


The ability level of the group allowed us to go places like this...

Jeff will cater to the groups ability... 😢


Here our guide Jeff and Billy get unstuck. The mud

holes are a epic top notch MUD HOLE RATING!!! 😢


Duane avoiding the SUCTION... 😢


Longtime Kauai rider Billy was an awesome sweep rider. 😢


This place was AWESOME. Wash all the mud off and the water

temp is perfect. That's Jeff with the helmet and Derek landing the flip in the back. 😢


Mike from Michigan pinned. Not wide open but pinned

under his bike. 😢 :cry:


P_5 in a beautiful crossing. Nice slippery rocks.


P_5 roosting water hard. 😢


Duane getting the bike clean.


At this point in the day Pgr11 was starting to get worked.

If you look good he's right below the middle of the picture.


The views are mind blowing! This place alone is worth the price of addmission. 😢🤣


Funner than SH*T!!!!!! 😢


Ooops!🤣 I won't tell you who this is but his name rhymes with Geff Jest.🤣


After pounding out some trails in one area I really wanted Pgr11

to see some REAL trails. We just took a quicky to give him an idea...


The move of the day!!!!!!! 😢 :cry: 😢🤣

Duane looped it in the rut. 🤣🤣


All in all a really fun day with cool vibes and good company. Thanks to all including Chris (Pgr11) for the smiles... 🤣 🤣

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Looks like a great ride. Wish I could go to Hawaii, would be nice. Anyways, thanks for the pics!!! 😢

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Let me first say a big thanks to Jeff Billy and Eddie for an awesome ride 😢. Torture, P_5 and duane are great guy's as well and and I want to thank them also for coming over to kauai to ride with me 😢 :cry:.

Let me also say all these guy's can ride, I mean realy ride.

Torture I hope I was able to hold my own with you guy's because I sure tried. In the pic where torture say's I was starting to get worked, he ain't kidding. At the top of that hill I took a breather for about 15 minutes. The riding is great and Jeff runs a great program. If you ever are going to hawaii you MUST stop on kaui and ride with jeff at moto hawaii. I will write more later. I just got home and am a little tired.Again big thanks to all the guy's

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I want to do that so badly... oh lawd...

That just looks like such a great trail. The loop-out pic was awesome, lol 😢

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Why, in the name of all that good in the world, do you continue to post these pics?

Dont you understand that for most of us, a trail ride is mile after mile of flat, crappy soil, whooped out by the multitudes? That the most excitement is approaching a huge Polaris 600 ATV, barreling down a 1 way trail in the wrong direction?

You should be hung, drawn, quartered, slapped, and then sterilized!!!

Robert 😢

P.S. There I go being facetious again, I am jealous beyond description! Post all the pix you want! Those trails are probably far beyond my measley ability, and definitely far beyond my ability to ever see. But, a guy can dream......

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Howzit pgr 11. glad to here you had fun while you were here.

You were looking kinda flushed there for a while but you held up pretty well 😢

Its always that way when you think your heading back to the house and then you end up doing more and more trails so just puke and keep on going never let them know your dying until your dead 😢

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Oh yea I forgot to mention we missed our flight and spent another night ,sheesh and to think we could have rode for a couple more hours 😢

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Man I wish you guy's had my cell number, We could have hooked up for dinner or some more drinks.

Thanks for the encouragement, next time I'll let the puke fly, and belive me I'm coming back 😢

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