Which Oil?

I'll be running Hondas HP4 in my 650r until I feel it's broken in, then switching to a synthetic. I was thinking about Mobil 1 for 4 strokes, does anyone have ideas on a good synthetic oil?

If you skip over to the crf450 forum you can find out more about oil than you want to know. There is a post with links right now. Yes the mobil 1 is the best synthetic and I will never buy [motorcycle oil] again. Its a total rip and cant compare to mobil one.

I started using Castrol GTX on my last bike, XR250R, instead of the similar Honda product, HP4 I think. In the test GTX came out ahead too.

link to oil test

Mobile 1 works great. I have been using it for about 5 years trouble free. I know two people + me who will never touch castrol again. All three of us put it in our bikes and had the bike smoking within 50 -100 miles. Ring job fixed the problem, but I will never touch the stuff again. I have no idea what happened, or if the oil was even to blame.

Took a trip over to the crf450 forum, checked out the article on oils. I didn't know that Hondas HP4 was a synthetic blend(which is good) I have used Castrol before in other engines, and had real good results, so now I'm more confused....I guess using any top oil will be fine, as long as the oil changes come often.

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