Yamaha 360 enduro

Anyone know what model a "yamaha 360 enduro" could possibly be? There is one for sale pretty cheap in the local paper and I'm trying to figure out what it is. Also says "its stuck in 2nd". :cry:

Yes, those were "dual sports" before dual sports existed. They are also known as the "DT-360", showed up in the early 70's, prior to the DT was the AT's

I had a 73' RT1 360, it was silver, it was a bear to start, but once you got it going, it ran like a cat with scalded nuts. :cry:

I remember those. :cry:

Hot shitt 30 years ago, but I wouldn't have one now.

Threw a drive chain on one of those 360's many beers ago. Tore a big hole in the crank case. Laid it on its side and JB welded the one inch piece back on. Ran like a champ for years afterwards.

1st 2 smoke I ever rode. Throttle cable melted on the engine and stuck in the 'wide' open position. 1st wheelie I ever rode too! We called it the 3-pigsty. Loved the bike.

Thanks everyone who replied. Still haven't heard back from the seller. Oh well.

I used to have a clean 1972 DT 360. I'll never forget the powerband that engine had. It was nuts and scary!!! Also had it run in reverse one time and also kick backs were very common! One time in kicked back so bad it broke the kickstarter shaft.

I have a 1970 RT1 360 that my father purchased brand new. I am quite certain that motorcycle holds the record for miles on a dirt bike. I rode a DT1 360 thru my junior high years. Very fond memories, I think I still have a bruise on my right calf even after 25 years!! I also had it go in reverse one time as mentioned earlier. That bike was bullet proof.

Thought I would clear up some confusion on model designations on your 360 Enduro. This model motorcycle was sold at least through the 1971 model year (probably for several years after 1971, just can't remember for sure) and was designated the 360RT1. It was sold as a street legal "enduro" model. Other models in this same enduro series where AT1, 125cc, yellow tank: CT1, 175cc, green tank?; DT1, 250cc, gold tank; and RT1, 360cc, black tank. The big deal for desert riders of the time was to remove the lights and stock fenders, install GYT-R performance kits for the motor, a better exhaust system, knobby rear tire and a K70 X 19 front tire. Then off to the desert with our 5-6 inches in the front and 3-4 inches in the rear state of the art suspension. My first new motorcycle was a 1970 Yamaha 125 AT1 Enduro. I still have the owner's manual for this motorcycle. In 1972, Yamaha came out with their first true motorcross motorcycles. They were the Yamaha 250DT2MX and the 360RT2MX. They were HOT!! The colors for both motorcycles were silver, black, and red. The only differance was in the arrangement of the colors on the tank and fenders. My second new motorcycle was a 1972 Yamaha 250DT2MX. All of these motorcycles were easy to work on, especially compared to today's motorcycles. The shifting forks bent really easy because the lugs on the transmission gears rounded off quickly with use. You had the opportunity to learn how to split the cases, if you owned one for very long and didn't want to pay a dealer for labor to work on your motorcycle. They also had an automatic engine oiling system on both the RT1 and RT2 series. It was common to not use it and instead, use pre-mix gas just to be certain that the engine was receiving lubrication. Brings back great memories of the wide open Southern California desert in the early 1970's (Ocotillo Wells, Poleline Road, and San Felipe Wash) just thinking about those old motorcycles.

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