nx engine transplant into xr600

im looking at fitting an nx650 engine into the frame of a 95 model xr600. i have the bike and a friend has the engine and he is ready to sell it cheap. has any one out there done the conversion? if so is it relitively straight forward? what hassles were found? where did you fit the battery for the starter? look forward to hearing some feed back.

nx650?? What is this??

nx650 dominator its a soft roader that honda has been selling for years

it may not have been sold in the usa

Thanks, Sorry i would be a liar if i gave you any input on the swap!

Good luck with the R&D!

this motor (nx650) will bolt right into your chassis!! this is the same motor as the XR650L,all you will need to do is fabricare a battery box and mount the electrics from the NX!!!!

have done this but in an older '85 chassis!

where did you fit the battery drxr

Yep a friend back in france did that.

He wanted electric start.

the only problem was to figure out the electric parts (electric start) good luck.

Honda imported the NX series for a while, but they didn't sell too well in the states. They also had a 250 as well...


Did we ride the five day Greater Colorado Trail Ride together in 1990? I was from CT on an RMX 250. I remember one of the CA/NV group on an NXR.

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