New Ex Cam Install-What do I need?

I am going to be installing Hot Cams exhaust cam w/auto decomp in my 02 426 in a few days.

What parts will I need to replace when installing the cam and can I get away doing the install with just the instructions from Hot Cams and no service manual?

Thanks for any help and advice.

Depends on what type of instructions Hot Cams gives you. You can you use the instructions on Garrett's website for "how to adjust YZF valves". It tells you how to remove the cams and how to check the valve clearances. All you really need to do is install the HotCams cam instead of going back with the stocker and there you go...of course HotCams will give you instructions on how to properly "time" the cams. Garrett's site also has the entire shop manual there for downloading. It will tell you how to determine what size shims you need if the valve clearances need changed or adjusted.

Adjusting YZF Valves

YZ426 Shop Manual


Thanks much for the help and links! You have made my weekend.


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