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Stock exhaust modification.

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I did some mods to my stock exhaust and got great improvements. First I cut the flange that the stock tip bolts to, leaving only the 3 tapped mounting pads, and enough for the gasket to rest on. I then completely removed the first baffle that you see (the one with the tube sticking out). If you look at the baffle closely you will see that it is spot welded in 3 places to the inner perforated tube. Attack the spot welds with a sharp chisle until the baffle breaks free. Once it is free fold it up with pliers so that it is small enough to pull out. I made a custom end cap with a 1.50 inch hole and felt huge performance gains. The sound with the stock end cap is just about like stock, but the performance gains are still there. If you want more flow, put spacers or washers under the stock cap so that it is spaced out about 1/4 inch. I got more gains by cutting a 2 x 4 inch hole in the airbox side plastic and gluing a piece of Scotch Bright to the inside to keep the big chunks off the filter. My plastic is black and so is the Scotch Bright, so you can hardly tell. What I noticed most was the increase in throttle response and quicker revs. If you don't want to remove the baffle, at least cut out the tube. I did this by first cutting the tube flush with a dremel tool and then putting the 1 3/8 hole saw on an extension and drilled out the tube. This helped as well, but I figured that since I went this far I may as well take out the entire baffle. I had updated my jetting before these mods, and the bike even runs better now! It takes a little work, but was worth it for me. 😢

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