Need help posting pictures....

O.K. Fellow TT'ers, can anyone tell me how to post pictures to this forum? Any help would be appreciated.


Wink :cry:

The picture has to be hosted.....on a web site. Then you put the address inbetween [image] and [/image] and the forum will go find it and it will show up in your post

So it would look like this with no periods


and will turn out like this


You can just hit the image buttom in the instant UBB code box and paist you image address in the pop up and it will do it for you. is a free hosting site. Once you load up the pic it gives you several choices depending on where you will post it. Use the first one (i think) that is for forums. When you click on it, it will copy the link. Then paste it here in your post and it will show up. I just learned how to do this yesterday too.

You have to post your pics at a free photo website, like Then, in your post, simply hit "image" and a box pops up. Delete the "http", then go to your pic at photobucket, and copy the text url below the pic. Now paste it into the "image" box and hit ok. That's it.


'00XR650R/uncorked/jetted/street legal

UPDATE!!!!!! is no longer free!! I'm not going to pay them, so I'm going to find another free photo site!


Thanks for the help, I think it worked. I now have a picture posted of my new bar risers!!


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