break-in period

I just read the manual for my new XR650R and was surprised to see the break-in period was only for 25 km (15miles). I seem to recall when I was a young pup the break-in period on my XR200R was much longer e.g. 200km or so. Mind you I have always been skeptical of the value of extended break-in periods especially for two-strokes.

Any thoughts?

Kurt Penner

The dealer told me to make sure it's warm, run it under half throttle for about 20 minutes...let it sit for about 20 minutes, run it again for another half throttle 20 minutes, then change the oil and filter...after that put some fairly easy miles on it, gradually building up, no redline and severe compression braking, for about half a tank, then run it like you want to. It seems to me that everybody has a little different idea as to what is the "correct" way about breaking in a new engine....I dunno.... I'm going to do what the dealer told me, as if something goes south, I can at least have the peace of mind telling the dealer that I followed his directions...hahaha

just ride it! for me it will break in on its own, i just change the oil more often. later

A tank of gas or two if you are gun shy at varing rpm ranges, avoiding a constant rpm and don't lug it! Change the oil and give her hell!

I have almost 10,000 miles on my 2001 xr650 I change the oil about every 600 miles I took it easy on it for one tank of gas. The bike continued to get faster as it broke in. Keep an eye on the valve adjustment. They need it several times when new. After about 3 times they are pretty setteled in. You will notice a surging idle when they start to go out.

check out this rec0mended break in procedure. the owners manual for my drz 400 says 15 hours to break in completely . first ten hours at no more than 1/2 throtle and the next 5 hours up to 3/4 throtle. how's that for a painfuly long break in !

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