pic needed

hey fellas...anyone out there have a pic of a 04 yz450 clutch cable? i'm installing an 04 cable,bracket and actuator arm on my 03 and was wondering how the cable is routed. i looked in the archives but couldn't get any pics to open. i know it's routed on the left side,...how it's routed exactly is unknown. i sure would appreciate the help. thanks.

Well it's routed just like a YZ426F...I was trying to find a pic of my 426 up close so you can see but I am having no luck.

This may help. You can see the bracket (black) bolts to the case by the actuator.


hey satch, thanks for the pic. would you happen to have one that shows how the cable is routed through and around the left radiator? thanks in advance. :cry:

SATCH...you da MAN! thanks for the pics and assistance bud, :cry:.

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