Barnums Exhausst question

I seem to remember reading in someone's post that his exhaust will have 3 tips for different sound levels, and a removable spark arrestor. Does anyone know if that is true, or what it will come with if that is not the case? Thanks.

Yes, each tip has it's own screen. All different size tips and you can run it with no tip...I can't remeber if he showed me a screen for running no tip.....The coolest part of the system is the header and how both sides are the same length and come to real good colecter. All the parts for the muffler are the same front and back so it some thing brake sit's all the same. It is a nice setup. I would like to make a USFS accepted spark arrestor stamp :cry: wouldn't that be nice.

i was talking to Rob about the pipes last night--he has pre-sold a couple of the new ones--but they are still a few weeks away from delivery....$550 for the complete system. I'm at the top of the list!!

HURRY UP ROB!!! :cry:

I'm at the top of the list!!

Wait a minute....I'm at the top of the list :cry:

Yes, it's going to have various end caps, inserts, etc. His exhaust should offer better scavenging and performance, especially in the low & mid range without killing the top end. I've ridden his bike and it's just awesome and I can say his exhaust works exceptionally well on his bike, but I don't have first hand experience to know how well his exhaust works on a stock uncorked bike.

Ok cool. Glad I asked; I recently (as in today) found out that those 'few new ones pre-sold' were two units that my fiance bought as a surprise last week. Well, yippie then; looks like I chose the right woman. Maybe I'm the one at the top of the list. Buahahahahha :cry:

PS - The two Moriwaki exhausts I bought are now apparently available. One I never put on because it didn't meet 96db, and the other is almost new-looking. So, if anyone's interested, I want $300 plus shipping for the new one (still in box with packaging, never mounted), no idea for the used. Also, I have two stock exhaust, both in pretty darn good condition, one with a drilled out tip and the other with an HRC. Make an offer. :cry:

pm'd u naru

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