long time no post, quiet pipe?

Howdy, I haven't even visited this site in over a year, alots been happening. I moved, remodeled a mobile home and a house, landscaped .85 acres, and had a baby. Needless to say I haven't ridden my bike in about 6 months but I'm ready to jump back on it. My question is, has anyone come out with a decent quiet pipe in the year and half since I've looked for one? I have a canadian 2001 WR426 that has been completely YZified and 10 acres to build a track on, but don't want to upset my new neighbors any more than necessary. Right now I have a white brothers E series and that thing is way too loud even with the quiet insert. The stock exhaust is not an option because the stock canadian WR muffler is horrible(no removable insert). I would like something I can pass the USFS sound check with as I go to Stoneyford a couple times a year. Any ideas???

Hey Whats up Noteethleroy,

I would suggest you try the FMF Q pipe out. That should get you under 96db's.

You could also try to find a Stock USA pipe and add a GYTR or Promoto Billet end tip which will do the same. I have ridden a WR with all three. Each have their +'s and -'s but they all are under 96dbs.

Try ebay


This company called Quiet Products is selling a large diameter insert for US WR pipes. Supposed to flow better than GYTR because it's bigger and turns down on the end. www.quietiscool.com

I have a CRD pipe that is supposed to be 96db. It's louder than the GYRT setup, but much quieter that a USA stocker with no baffle.

If you need it really quiet, I agree a USA pipe with a GYRT or such. Look on ebay or maybe TT member for a stock USA pipe. Should be easy to find.

I have a stock pipe with a gytr insert. In great shape. Let me know if you want to buy it. :cry:

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