Trial picture of bar risers.....

I had these made (at work) to raise my bars one and one half inches. They are sandwiched between the original supports and caps, and to date are working well. I went 1.5 inches based on input from other TT members, but based on the free play in the decompresion cable, I could have gone maybe two inches or so. I hope this helps anyone interested. My first ride out with them seemed much less tiring on the legs, for what it's worth.


Gary :cry: :cry:

Yes, that's Gary the snail from Sponge Bob, on my front number plate. I have kids, and my name is Gary...................... :cry:

This picture? Looks good, man you must be tall.


ya i got the gpr v2 stabilizer on mine with cr-hi's and i LOVE it legs and arms not as tired as with 10mm risers.


I'm 6'3",with most of my height in my legs. On long rough day rides, my legs and lower back would get kind of tired. These made a big difference. I've had them on for a couple of months now and they are working great.

Wink :cry:

That's tall! :cry: and with the low stock bars you need every pit of what you have and maybe I said, looks graet :cry:

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