Rm250 vs Xr650r- which one is for me?


How are your wounds healing from your last COYOTE DATE??


They are healing right on schedule, however, I am afraid that we will meet again! You know what they say, ELEPHANTS NEVER FORGET! Hee! Hee!


Also, I agree with you that you can NOT have TOO MUCH POWER just as long as you know how to use it! However, Dr. Z was asking about the 250 so I gave my opinion on the 250.

Later on fellow ball busters, keep up the good work!

Huh? That RM will rip stock! I know, I met some guy last year with a 100% stock one, and that thing romped quite nicely around the track. That XR needs some moola to uncork, or I could deal with it stock with as much HP as my DRZ!

DR.Z - After looking at where you are from, the lowlands of MassiveTwoSh%ts. I can believe that a RM goes pretty good at sea level. The only ones I have seen have been riding in the high country of Colorado at between 6 and 10 THOUSAND feet of altitude. That kind of altitude reaks havoc with 2-strokes more than 4-strokes, and they all have less go.

You can uncork an XR for under $10. Step one pull the plugs out of the intake. Step two go to Home Depot and buy a utility knife and a 2" hole saw (cost about $10). Step 3 take out the manafold between the carb and the engine and cut out the restrictor with your shinny new utility knife. Step four use your new hole saw to cut out the butt plug from the muffler tip. Result 1 uncorked BRP. Yes the HRC tip is prettier but it is over $100, and why spend any money on the HRC manafold because a derestriced stocker looks exactly the same.

One of my friends that I go riding with has a CR500, it is a 95 or 96 I think, and it is very nice. He has to have a big bike though- he's 6'8" and bout 330! He also has an old XR600.I never really considered it, but I know for a fact I could get a 99 CR500 for 3 grand. Maybe this is the way to go!

I remember when I tried it last summer, and oh boy was it fast! It is super light and puts out somewhere around 70 HORSEPOWER!!! (he has mods...) Man, that was so much fun (and a little scary) to ride! It could whip around any sandy turn at any speed! No problems keepin up with the lightweight pros on 250s and such! I will consider this. :)

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