HRC piston, cam and timing chain

Does the cylinder have to be bored or honed out? I know it sounds like a stupid question but I don't know. Trying to get my budget together for my supermotard.

Depends on the size piston you order(0.030,0.040 etc.) Going 0.030 over you will have to bore the cylinder.

I will assume ( from the title of this thread )

that you are asking about installing the HRC

piston&cam kit into an xr650r.

The answer to the question is then, no honing

or reboring is needed.

I did mine last summer.

cheers, Craig ( U.K. )

Hey Craig, what was you final output figure. Did you ever Dyno it?


Originally posted by Craig Mitchell:

I did mine last summer.

cheers, Craig ( U.K. )

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