Bolt size for TT Decomp Plug

Hey guys,

I got mt TT Decomp Plug in and had to shim the original bolt that held the decomp shaft in. It seems way to long. What is the correct length to use now? I have it in there pretty snug, but don't want to go any tighter.


I reused my original bolt. It was real snug too but just did fit. If it is loose at all you will have oil seep from the bolt.

6x18mm bolt, then you need the copper crush washer also.

90109-06418-00 BOLT

90430-06014-00 GASKET

I pulled my TT Decomp Plug out and there was a fairly deep screw gouge in the grove toward the back of the plug. This occured using the copper washer and 2 others as spacers. Should I not use the 2 spacer washers and just use the copper one. How deep is the bolt suppose to gouge into the plug? :cry:

Also, when I was removing the plug, I noticed that the little spring that fits inside the groove on the rubber gasket is toast. Is it safe to use the rubber gasket without the spring?


YOu could drill a small notch hole in the decomp plug where the bolt has already marked it, just for positive location... or file down the bolt a bit...

As for the spring, it is what keep tension on the rubber seal, even when there is no oil pressure to expand it to seal closed...

What exactly is wrong with the spring? The lip seal is cheap enough from the TT store or a local dealer...

How is the cam mod going... Wasn't too hard, was it...? :cry: :cry:



The cam mod went well!

I'm glad I did it as soon as I did. I know there are still alot of people out there that have not made the leap yet and I highly recommend that they do . It is so much nicer not to have the drill to go through every time you start it. I rode this last weekend and killed it on the way down a hill to see if I could bump start it......yep, it worked!

Starting isn't the challange now, it's learning how to ride the beast that's the challange. Yea, you can get on and twist the throttle, but cornering it and hanging on when you twist the throttle is now my biggest challange. My 2 strokes were NOTHING like this bike. I like it more even though I can't ride it as fast..........yet! :cry:


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