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How many different championships?

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Can someone explain to me how many nation wide professional racing series are there in the US for dirt bikes? It seems to me that everytime I hear about one, it's like I'm mistaking it for another and so on... What are they? AMA nationals, SX, GNCC...

I'm even mixed up between what you guys call a hare and hound, hare scramble, enduro...

Please, give me a hand! :cry:


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To the best of my knowledge:

The AMA nationals are held during the summer and are on outdoor tracks. Hence the name the 'outdoors'. The tracks are fast and rough compared to SX(supercross) that is held in staduims during the winter months and the tracks are smooth and very technical.

Now for the offroad world:

Hare and hounds are held in the desert and consist of multiple different loops or long loops in the desert that end up toatalling about 100 miles. These events begin with a 'bomb run' through the desert. A bomb run is a free for all to a cloud of smoke, then the marked course begins. (correct me if i am wrong because i have never ridden a H&H)

For a basic definition, Hare scrambles and GNCC are virtually the same thing, with the Grand National Cross Country series being the premier series. HS are run on 8 mile, ussualy more, sometimes less courses. A pro event lasts 3 hours in the GNCC series. Enduros are a race against the clock and are ussualy 80-100 miles. In enbduros time keeping is the name of the game and riders arrive at check points, the object being to stay on your minute. To entirely explain time keeping would take to much time, but info is available for your reading pleasure. www.ama-d36.org

Not to mention qualifiers and Q enduros, poker runs and WORCS racing, Grand Prixs and World Enduro.

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I think everyone gets lost. There are a lot of AMA series and a few non-AMA series.







Hare Scrambles

Hare & Hound

National Enduro

ISDE Qualifier


Observed Trials

Indoor Trials


AMA Grand National Championship

AMA Harley-Davidson Sportster Performance Championship

AMA National Hot Shoe Series


Ice Racing

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