Anyone want to sell stock baffle from a 04 650L?

Hi, I'm new here and figured this would be the place to ask if anyone would be willing to sell their stock baffle from the XR650L? I had taken mine out but somehow I got lost and I cant find it. My bike is a 2004 so anyone who has one just lying around, wants to make a few bucks and it has to be able to fit my bike, than let me know. Thanks!

hey how do you like the dyno jet kit?? also i'll look for my stock pipe and if i still have you can have it just pay postage

I love the dynojet jet kit! I had installed that and a uni air filter first before putting on the head pipe and took it for a test ride and all i can say is WOW. Throtle response is so much better along with overall power gains all through the RPM band. You will not be disapointed at all. I got mine from Baja Designs and let me just say that those people are awesome and answered all my questions with no problems, I deffiently recommend them.

What year is your bike? If you can find your stock exhaust system w/baffle then send me an e-mail and I will gladly pay shipping for it. Im , drop me a line, I really apreciate it!

Keihin jets and shimming the needle works better than the expensive kit. Don't waste a lot of money when all you need is a few $3 jets, a 0.030 shim under the stock needle, and the vacuum-port holes in the slide enlarged to 5/32" .

-The voice of experience (Dave)

thanks can't fine my pipe but on ebay right now a guy has a whole 650l parted out and he has a pipe last bid $9.99 :cry:

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