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14 Tooth Countershaft Sprocket Details ('03 DR650)

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Just thought I'd provide a few comments on the 14 tooth countershaft sprocket I recently installed. And a special thanks for Sea Fox for giving me a start on where to find it.

I have an '03 DR 650 and I searched in vain for the 14 tooth sprocket, but all applications from the various sprocket manufacturers only seemed to apply through the '01 model. But based on the posts on ThumperTalk, I decided to take a chance and ordered JT Sprocket part number JTF1448-14 from Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse (http://www.mawonline.com/). Total cost (including part, handling and shipping) was about $27. They had it in stock and I received it about a week later.

It was easy enough to remove the sprocket cover on my DR, and from there I loosened up the axle and moved the rear wheel all the way forward so I could get the chain off the countershaft sprocket. Then I removed the three bolts holding the sprocket on, and all came off very easily. When I went to put the 14 tooth sprocket on (which also requires the outside sprocket metal attachment), I noticed that this attachment would contact the chain if I reinstalled it as is. So I went to a car dealer, and with the help of one of their technicians, we gound about 1/8" off the lip of the metal attachment, which is all that was needed. Back home I reinstalled the attachment plate and voila!...everything went back on (well, except for the plastic o-ring that fits between the sprocket and attachment plate, that was too big but I believe unnecessary). After that I tightened up the chain (the smaller sprocket hardly added any slack to be taken up) and the axle nut.

Of course, I had to take a ride immediately, and when I did I had no doubt that installing the sprocket was the right thing to do. Now it seems as if the DR was geared perfectly! More power down low, and better acceleration through the gears. Now it's possible to use 5th gear around town. And with just a very slight tug on the bars 1st gear wheelies are easy!

I'm very happy with the results and can't think of a better way to spend $27 to improve the performance of my DR.

C-YA on the trails or street.


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